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Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Pokemon? Just like Digimon and DragonBall Z, we never get tired of done. Fortunately, we are blessed with some talented people like Sam and Dan who can interpret these long running series in an interactive way to keep us addicted to these. Speaking of interpretation, Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is a new Flash game based on the long-running anime series, “Pokemon”.

This is a direct sequel to highly praised Pokemon Tower Defense, which was a tower defense draped experience. Well, this experience is making its coming with a whole new set of features and improvements.


This new entry is an RPG title that will be steeped in Tower Defense Format. Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is based on the adventure of Johto region. The player is required to collect as many Pokemons he can and assemble his team. Assemble your team to train your Pokemon and fight evil while you enjoy one of the best tower defense format games.

This game is not based on the typical Chalk and Cheese genre; the Role Player nature of this game sits well with its Tower Defense settings. This is a well-balanced game that is improved from the dusty, fromage-y cloud we used to play.

The Successor of Pokemon Tower Defense 2

If you had the privilege of playing the original game, you wouldn't have a hard time playing Pokemon Tower Defense 2. This new addition includes a whole new set of Pokemon battling each other, but the improvements are not only limited to the mechanism. The PTD2 is an open world game that allows the player to roam freely and explore as much as they want.

Use the direction keys to move your character and explore Johto region to embark new adventures. Everything is updated on a regular basis to keep this game interesting for you. Well, this is what Sam rehashed for you.

Exploring the Jahto Region

As you continue to explore the Jahto Region, you will get face to face with both Wild and trained Pokemon, regardless to say you will have to face all of them in fierce battle to progress through the game. These battles will be in the Standard format that will need you to involve placing in your team in different positions throughout the screen. Drag your Pokemon in the little boxes. Select an attack and initiate your move when the enemy is in range. The Trainer Battles prove to be intense as they involve battle against trained and experienced opponents.

Staying Loyal to the Pokemon Way

The Tower Defense leads to an RPG rich gameplay. Different properties of this game including the Pokemon Types, their abilities, Moves and level up is what makes this game a winner. All these elements serve as the great variables of this game. The best part of this game is variables above that make a game loyal to the Pokemon Franchise. These variables are Fire type creatures being vulnerable to Water-type creatures, the steel type being weak against fire type and Water-type being weak against Electric Types.

If you are tired of leveling up your pokemon in the primary campaign, then there is another way for you. You can try the 1vs.1 mode of Pokemon Tower Defense 2 to polish the abilities of your pokemon. This mode is set on a series of battles against different opponents. The difficulty is increased from time to time while the format of this game remains intact. You can choose from a limited selection of Pokemon and different items between battles. These items will help you to assure a win. The Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is indeed an adventurous venture from Sam and Dan as it combines the Core Elements of an RPG while staying loyal to Pokemon Base.

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