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If you are addicted to the Pokemon Universe and you like to play a little tower defense, then this game will provide you with a pleasant experience. Before anything else, you need to know this is not your average tower defense game, it’s a bit different than that.


The Gameplay of Pokemon Defense Tower will have you playing through different individual stages. Each of these levels has their parameter that the player must fulfill in order to move ahead. The player will get to choose their Pokemon lineup at the start of every level. Select your lineup and drag them to suited positions to initiate your attack. You can attack any Pokemon that is within your range. If you can swap and drag around your Pokemon, it will help you to revise your strategy in case something goes south.

As with all Pokemon games, the matchup dictates the fate of your battle.in addition, the type of your Pokemon with its opposition determines how much damage it will do/receive. So be careful about it!


There are a few typing errors, but the dialogs remain entertaining whatsoever. The dialogs are based on the long-running series, and they are full of jokes. The different types of moves make this a remarkable tower defense game. Players are allowed to build their strategy from scratch, move their creatures as they want and select a new Pokemon team before every level.

You can afford to miss this game if you are a tower defense fan. The graphics are a bit re-used, but the compelling story covers it. Not to mention the interactive gameplay that will indulge you, Pokemon Defense Tower is created for the Die Hard fans of the series. So if you are a first comer, you better do some homework.

The Key to Success

If you are not a big fan of the Pokemon Franchise, still Pokemon Defense Tower can help you have a great time. Before anything else, you need to learn about different types of Pokemon and how they can help you win. Different types of Pokemon such as Water, Fire, Steel, Steel, Psychic, Electric, and others) and how they compete.

In case you are using a Fire-Type against Water, you are going to lose. You will need to refer to the Type Effectiveness Guide given the game. It will help you learn everything you need to know about different types of Pokemon so take your time to learn about them and devise a precise strategy to assure you win the game.

This game carries another significant element known as Leveling up. This is a significant factor in the Pokemon Universe, and Pokemon Defense Tower doesn`t compromise on it. The only difference here is you will need some money in addition to required experience to level up. This system can be a little frustrating as it is different from the traditional Pokemon games we are used to.

The Conclusion

You will be happy to know that all the 151 Pokemon are added in this game. Players can encounter and capture these if they want. In addition to the campaign mode, there is also a challenge mode to polish your skills. Play with the pre-selected Pokemon team and win huge prizes.

The Pokemon Defense Tower delivers an authentic gameplay experience that beautifully carries the Pokemon magic from the first series. This game has been built on a solid foundation, but there is only one problem, players are not allowed to roam freely in the fictional world. Still, the game is based on a great concept and its worth to play.

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