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Increase Your Strategic Ability with Pokemon Tower Defense 3

This amazing game is quite interesting for all fans of the Pokémon because it is a role-playing video game. Start your interesting journey by selecting a Pokémon with some particular abilities. Each Pokémon has its own special skills and abilities; you can choose one as per your preferences. The basic objective of the Pokémon tower defense 3 is to find out the reason behind the attack on Professor Oak by Rattata. You need to stop the person behind the attacks. The game is quite easy to play because there are various levels with lots of challenges. You have to protect your candies because the enemies will move toward a pile of candy while your defenders may attack them. In order to win the level and move on to the next map, you have to protect your candy.

Pay Attention to the Health

You need to focus on the health of attacking Pokemon because the low health will decrease the chances of your win. As soon as you notice low health, immediately use a Pokeball to capture them. You can do it with opens up balls, and after capturing a pokemon successfully, you can add them to a particular spot on the map. They will fight for you automatically after getting a particular spot on the map. The attackers may come in the hordes and you need to get additional defender counts. Try to get maximum number of Pokemon to increase your success chances. Slendytubbies Game is considered as one of the most scariest flash games available on the web.

Special Abilities of Pokemon

The combat gives sufficient experience in the Pokemon because they get stronger on every successful level. The Pokémon can also get special abilities and become strong to fight with hoards. Each level cost money; therefore, it is important to prioritize the important things on each level. Keep it in mind that every level will not give you an option to buy upgrades. The creatures will get the power and skills up to level 100, and then they will become really powerful. You can also get the benefits of animated cut scenes that provide a great explanation of the background story. It is the time when you increase the level of your creatures and change their attack type. The total Pokemon were 151, and all these Pokémon are available in the game. The game is really easy to play, and the fans of the original game will like it a lot.

The Pokemon tower defense three flash games is a successful attempt based on the quizzes for the mobile market. It is a predecessor of the second part, and you can expect the new adventure and explore the new environment in the game. It is ideal for its true fans.

Towering Success

The Pokemon tower defense 3 is an addictive nature game to grab the interest of the player. It is full of new adventures and you need to train your Pokemon while wrapping them up in the excellent little tower. The tower is for defense and you can notice its use in the game during battles. The Pokemon may act as a tower in the similar fashion, and uses one of the four automatic attacks against the opponent Pokemon. You can play the game in the similar fashion just like an official game. You can deploy almost 6 Pokemon at a time in the tower defense format. The Pokemon can be moved freely between the active battle zones under various circumstances.

You will get a chance to upgrade your Pokemon tower to increase the level of self-defense and increase the level of your each Pokemon. The creatures can be evolved in the similar way as it can be done in the Pokemon tower defense three main series.

Game is All about Pokémon

The game features lots of Pokémon with various abilities, and you need to take important steps to maintain the health of your Pokemon. Collect the experience points of the battle and then upgrade each level. You need to learn the various moves to increase the levels of the game. The Pokemon tower defense 3 is based on various factors like stats, level and type of the Pokemon and health. While playing the game, you need to be careful about water, grass, and other sensitive rock attacks. You need to design a powerful strategy of the battle and carefully choose a good Pokemon for your team.

Community Spirit

The Pokemon tower defense 3 is a unique game to provide a sense of community. You can receive regular updates of the story, and you may feel like playing an official game. The player gets a chance to see the new Pokemon on a regular basis. This is an interesting feature because you can include powerful Pokemon in your team. You can also trade Pokemon online with your fellow players and let them breed the new creatures of Pokemon for a good collection. The player will receive updates on a regular basis.

Final Words!

The Pokemon tower defense 3 is an interesting version and after playing it, you will surely forget about the level one and two. There are lots of added features in the game, and you can get the genuine feel while playing the game. It is an ideal version for the Pokemon fans. If you are looking for a productive activity for your children, the game is ideal for you. It is easily available, and the kids will be more excited after playing this game. The constant updates will increase the fun of this game. It is a role playing game, and after playing it, your child will learn to fight with the enemies. He/she will be able to see the true face of the people.

The game is perfect to enhance the mental ability and strategic thinking of the player. The player has to think about the surroundings and keep an eye on the power of Pokemon to easily cope with the enemy troops. The child will learn the importance of power and team work after playing this game. If you want to give a healthy activity to your school going child, it will be an excellent opportunity for you. Fireboy and Watergirl 2 is another cool and fun arcade game that you can play for free.

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